July 16: Consulting in Practice Episode 3

On July 16, 2019, Kasie and Shennice welcomed Stephanie Vokral of Critical Transitions Wealth Advisors into the studio. Here are the show notes: Theme for day: Financial Pitfalls for Independent Consultants Agenda review: Get to know Stephanie Vokral Independent consultants & the challenges of revenue Common errors independent business owners make in financial planning Segment... Continue Reading →

June 11: Financial Bootcamp Episode 3

On June 11, 2019, Kasie and Shennice worked through some of those "must know" numbers for entrepreneurs with some help from Adam Lean. Here are the show notes: Introductions: Kasie Whitener, Clemson Road Consulting, DMSB Shennice Cleckley, Smart Cookie Coaching Adam Lean, The CFO Project Theme for day: Financial Boot Camp Episode 3: Getting Your... Continue Reading →

May 28: Common Financial Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

On May 28, 2019, Kasie was at Career Day for Round Top Elementary so Shennice flew solo with studio guest Tiffanie Flagler. Here are the show notes: Introductions: Shennice Cleckley, Smart Cookie Coaching Tiffanie Flagler, Financial Advisor, Flagler Tax Center Theme for the day: Financial Bootcamp: Episode 1 - Common Financial Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make ¬†Agenda... Continue Reading →

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