September 17: Listen Up! Social Channels tell you what you need to hear

On September 17, 2019, Kasie and Shennice took to social listening to find out what people are saying about #entrepreneurship. Here are the show notes:

Theme for day:

#entrepreneur and what the Twitterverse is saying about it

Agenda review:

  • Twitter Provides
  • CRC-relevant hashtags and keywords
  • Smart Cookie Coaching-relevant hashtags and keywords
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We got the advice from Big Redd to go “social listening” and find what people are talking about in some of our hash tags. I thought we’d do it for Start Something, Columbia! And then each of us do it for our businesses.

Found some advice on #entrepreneur:

@RebeccaRadice says: 

The modern marketer must have hard skills and soft skills:

Hard skills:

– Analytics 

– Content strategy

– Social Media

– Mobile

– Ecommerce

Soft Skills:

– Creativity

– Resourcefulness

– Adaptability

– Collaboration

– Leadership

(link to infographic)

These #entrepreneur time saving tips brought to you by Bootstrap Business blog:

  • Try time blocking
  • Plan your day before beginning the day
  • Log your business days (at the end of each day)
  • Delegate your responsibilities
  • Attend important meetings only
  • Use automation tools
  • Install team communication programs
  • Try to work away from your employees

Influencer Jeff Bullas suggests these 7 tools every digital entrepreneur needs:

  1. Mention media monitoring app
  2. Wunderlist task manager
  3. Upwork market of freelancers
  4. Slack for team communications
  5. Mint for financial management and revenue/spend tracking
  6. Dropbox to manage and access folders and files
  7. IFTTT tool integration platform (one of those automation things mentioned before)

Another Bootstrap Business blog post: 10 Ways to Beat Your Business Rivals:

  • Analyze the market — know it inside and out
  • Create a better product — know what customers want and what they’re NOT getting from others
  • Be innovative — keep iterating and upgrading, make your product (or service) responsive to customers
  • Get accredited — whether for safety or reliability, get endorsements that indicate your business is on the up-and-up
  • Be eco-friendly — how do you do this? Remote meetings? E-documents?
  • Offer better customer service — everything from a pleasant telephone manner to calmly and rationally responding to Facebook and Yelp reviews
  • Change your operating hours — accommodate your customers’ availability, not your own
  • Create a better website — what can you add to it? A portal? Giveaways? A forum? Content?
  • Improve your SEO — make it easy for customers to find your solutions to their questions
  • Reward your customers — show your loyalty to them with gifts, acknowledgements, and recognition

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