September 10: Decide to Show Up

On September 10, 2019 Kasie and Shennice welcomed Stephanie Kirkland of In Pursuit of Me (IPOM) back to the studio. Here are the show notes:

Theme for day:

Taking Action in Your Business

Agenda review:

  • Stephanie Kirkland is here!
  • Commitment & Decision Making
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Segment 1:

Stephanie Kirkland is with us today which seems like a great way to take what we’ve been taling about, Decision Making, choice architecture, and being intentional, and turn it all into some real, actionable work.

In Pursuit of Me is Stephanie’s self leadership academy. From the website:

IN PURSUIT OF ME is about developing the TOTAL YOU so you can LIVE as the GREATEST EXPRESSION of yourself. You will develop your UNIQUE Identity and Life Message so you can become your best self and create the greatest impact on your life and the different roles and responsibilities you walk out on a daily basis as a woman.  Your success is lived when you understand yourself and how to move towards your destiny and fulfill your purpose. 

Through mentoring, educational programs, and group support, IPOM helps women put themselves first and recognize a clearer purpose for their lives so that they can better serve others.

From the IPOM website (and out April show when we first featured Stephanie):

  • DISCOVER: knowing who you are as a UNIQUE individual (true self),
  • DEVELOP: being clear on your truth, values and ethics (belief system),
  • BECOME: understanding what you want (goals and vision), 
  • EMPOWER: making the choices that get you where you want to be, 
  • Create effective IMPACT on those your life is “called” to touch.

The Self Leadership Center for Women has multiple “tracks”: self awareness, self development, self knowledge, self management, self wellbeing, self goal setting, and self efficacy. I think of this a little bit like methodology, or the “how” you help women. You are a facilitator, instructor, and coach. You work with groups, pairs, and one-on-one. How do you determine the way to deliver services? How do you craft engagement plans for your clients?

This visit you’re here to talk about Woman Behind the Vision which is November 9th. Tell us about that event.

Woman Behind the Vision event focus areas:

  • Personal identity
  • Personal leadership
  • Balance vs harmony
  • Wellbeing and self care
  • Leadership mindset
  • Executive presence
  • Gender awareness

Segment 2

Woman Behind the Vision is a leadership program and the leadership training space is a pretty crowded market. 

What does IPOM and Stephanie Kirkland offer that other leadership initiatives miss?

What does the Woman Behind the Vision have to say about decision making?

Some of our listeners (and entrepreneurs in general) struggle with decisiveness. Committing to a single course of action and pursuing it to the end. 

Here are some key factors to improve your commitment level as an entrepreneur:

  • Promises to keep — to family, investors, the bank
  • Passionate pursuit — belief in the idea or in yourself
  • Power of creating — building something new can be addicting
  • Support — finding the resources you need to sustain and grow
  • Positive discipline — staying the course even when it gets rough out there

Segment 3

And because bloggers love lists, here are 10 and 9 respectively:

10 Commitments for Excellence

  1. See the good — find ways to love the career you’re in
  2. Risk failure — “never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game”
  3. Work hard — see “create” from above
  4. Expand — have a growth mindset
  5. Be consistent — work without pause or derails or allowing ADD to redirect you
  6. Be passionate — tell EVERYONE about your new product or service
  7. Maintain self respect — don’t grovel for bad business
  8. Keep things in balance — it’s so easy, right?
  9. Nurture relationships — foster the friendships and working collaborations that will lead to new opportunities, new business, and growth
  10. Seek feedback — customer validation, employee feedback loop, mentors and sponsors

9 Commitments Required to Succeed

  1. Stay true to yourself. – stay true to your values, ethics, and standards
  2. Reclaim your agenda. – focus on the ‘why’ you’re doing this and that should recenter you; don’t let others hijack your time or your focus.
  3. Create long term goals. – long term goals are what keep you in pursuit of the smaller ones, the objectives between where you are and where you want to be.
  4. Turn terrors into triumphs. – it’s healthy to struggle and fail, but learn from it and persist
  5. Be what you envision. – WWJD? This is where you channel the person you think would handle things better and you be that.
  6. Take care of yourself. – rest, refuel, and pay yourself
  7. Take the long road. – there is no quick path, even an “overnight success” was months or years in the making.
  8. Keep perspective. – it’s a marathon, not a sprint; over the course of a lifetime, few of these little details matter. 
  9. The time is now. – don’t wait for success to find you, go out and grab it.

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