Dec 18: The Beach Boys and BHAGs

On December 18, 2018 we finished up our goal-setting series with some actual goals we plan to pursue in 2019. Take a look at the show notes:


Dr. Kasie Whitener, Clemson Road Consulting and WBC of SC

Shennice Cleckley, The Chief Start-Up Evangelist and WBC of SC

Theme for the day:

Goal Setting Month! We’re working on setting Annual Goals for 2019 today.

Agenda review:

  • Review last week’s “Where are you now?” workshop.
  • Annual Goal Setting by category
  • Next week we’ll define some goals and plan some measurement activities for 2019.
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Segment 1:

Start Something, Columbia! Is brought to you by the Women’s Business Center of South Carolina at Columbia College.

For the last two weeks we’ve been working on Goals. We started with some general “what are goals?” conversation and last week we did a self-assessment. Self assessments can be hard. They’re about being honest with yourself about where you stand. And sometimes we don’t like where we stand, truth-be-told.

So what can you do about seeing that you’ve not done what you wanted to do?

You can plan to change.

And change is hard. It takes vision and planning and commitment, even when what you’re committing to is hard. But this isn’t the Hunger Games. The stakes are rather low if you can just go get a job, right? Or, the stakes might be very high if you’ve invested in this business and you really need to make it work.

So let’s start with something big, hairy, and audacious.The BHAG is that stretch goal, the thing you think you might not be able to pull off.

From there, we’ll work into some smaller, more reasonable and realizable goals. But first, dream big, people!

Segment 2

Okay, big goals are great, but they’re built upon realizable goals. So let’s think about where we want to be a year from now and put some goals in place to help us get there.

Our first episode we had categories for goals, so let’s use those and express those goals. It’s a very public forum, right? To plan 2019 with all these listeners and online participants paying attention. Have courage!

  • Health & Fitness
  • Marriage & Family
  • Business & Leadership
  • Finance & Earnings
  • Artistic Life
  • Friends

Remember goals should be specific, measurable, actionable, relevant, and time-bound. So a general “get healthy” might be enough to motivate your goal, but your goal has to be specific. How do you plan to “get healthy”?

Segment 3

Okay, so this is a business show. So let’s drill down a bit into those business goals. I found some categories for business goals, so let’s organize ours with those.

  • Network and community building
    • Where are you spending your time?
    • How are you cultivating and perpetuating relationships?
    • Are you in the right rooms with the right people?
  • Business structure and processes
    • What does your customer engagement cycle look like?
    • Have you defined a methodology for doing business?
    • What processes are convoluted and tiresome?
  • Opportunities and sales funnel
    • How are you evaluating opportunities?
    • How are you filling your pipeline?
    • How can you increase it?
  • Tools and resources
    • What systems are you paying for that you should discontinue?
    • What resources will you need to meet your goals next year?
    • Are those resources available?
  • Education and growth
    • Where and how are you learning?
    • What skills did you need this year and not have?

Kasie’s BHAG: Land one big-time client with whom Clemson Road Consulting can pursue a remote, asynchronous management coaching program.

Shennice’s BHAG: Build a one-day conference for Dream, Pray, Build that will help at least 50 women realize their entrepreneurial dreams.

Start Something, Columbia! BHAG: earn sponsors and advertisers to “fully funded” status by February 28.

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